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Mais do Brasil

Ola pessoal! I just got back from a two-day excursion to Chapada Diamantina (Diamond Plateau), a national park in the state of Bahia about a 7 hour drive away. I went with eight other people (7 girls and 1 other guy) and we took a bus from Salvador at 11:30 pm so that we could sleep on the bus and arrive in the morning.

Um pouco do Salvador

Olá gente, I am writing this blog from Salvador, Brazil in the state of Bahia where I am studying. I have now been in Salvador for three weeks and finally feel somewhat adjusted to the city. I live in a large, two-story penthouse apartment with my host dad (Manuel), my host mom (Noemia) and my host brother (Paulo) on Avenue Sete de Setembro (the day of Brazilian Independence) in an area called Vitoria which is the classiest and safest area of Salvador.

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