2001 News

2001 News

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

That seems to fit how this year has been for us as well as a lot of you too, I’m sure. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the victims and families of the tragedy of September 11th, as well as the innocent victims in Afghanistan.

My sister and her family narrowly missed being in danger on a trip to Washington D. C. and Philadelphia to see her stepdaughter marry in September. Thankfully, they all got home safe and sound on September 15th just a few days later than their original scheduled return home. We were never so glad to see them home. Rory’s cousin, Aron Pasternack, also just changed jobs and offices three weeks prior to September 11th. His original job and office was in the World Trade Center and unfortunately, many of his former co-workers died. A friend of mine in town and in my book club, Gail, was visiting one of her friends in New York and requested a spur of the moment trip to the beach. This was the morning of September 11th. Her friend worked in the World Trade Center and claims Gail “saved her life.” I pulled out an old photo album from a trip that Rory and I took to New York City in May 1984. There were pictures we took from the top of the World Trade Center. It was sad to think that those buildings are not there any more.

It’s amazing how many of us have been touched and affected by this tragedy-even living 3000 miles away.

As for us, things have progressed nicely on the home front. Cody has returned to his old school for hisPicture of saxophone last year in elementary school. He had an opportunity to take a drama class and put on some plays this past summer and did very well with it. He’s also quite talented on the sax and piano and enjoys playing for family and friends.

Picture of car crashJill was thrilled to get her driving learner’s permit this past June. She’s getting to be a pretty good driver and I’ve even let her go on the freeway with me! She’s been making lots of money babysitting and working in a bakery part time on weekends.

We had a great time on our vacation last summer-one week in Maui and one week in Molokai. Stanford University, Rory’s alma mater, had a family camp there this year. I read “Hawaii” by James Michener while we were traveling. It definitely enriched the experience.

Rory is busy with work-traveling a lot this year. He’s traveled several times to Washington D. C., and was due to go mid-September, but that trip was indefinitely postponed after September 11th. He enjoys his work but keeps very busy. He also started taking tenor sax and he and Cody love to Picture of kid lighting off rocket“jam” together. He continues with model rocketry, and has just started high-power rocketry, getting his level-1 certification (motors up to 144 pound-seconds) in November.

For those of you that didn’t hear, I broke my arm in the spring while Picture of woman with broken arm biking home with Cody from school. I was amazed and proud of myself that I adapted as well as I did with one hand and my left at that! It was a real challenge and took a lot of therapy for rehab. My arm is not back like it was but is about 90% of normal. Thank you all out there for your support and assistance getting through with that.

We hope all of you have a wonderful New Year. We particularly hope for “peace on Earth and good will to men” in the days ahead.

Peace, hope, faith, and love,

Signatures of all the family members