Best Books

Best Books

Just an idiosyncratic list of my selections for the best books I’ve read recently.

Science fiction

Easy reading, but an extraordinary pastiche: detective story, postapocalytic science fiction, philosophical treatise, and sardonic take on humankind’s humanity (or lack thereof). Mind-shattering.

Short, provocative tale of a man whose dreams change the course of history. A blend of science, science fiction, and Eastern philosophy.

Computer security

A sophisticated yet common-sense view of the threats with realistic approaches to dealing with them. A bit marred by some self-promotion near the end.

Ancient literature

The best translation of the oldest extant written story (roughly 4000 years old) — a remarkably modern story about how arrogance and heroism do not mix well.

A lively translation.


Inherit the Wind” is not historically accurate. The play even includes a disclaimer stating so. Yet many get all their knowledge of the Scopes trial through that drama. This text, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, sets the record straight, and is great reading. It also sets the context for today’s creationism vs. evolution debate.


A wonderful book about typographic design, very readable even for beginners.