Jill 2001

Hey! I’m having a great 2001 and have been very busy. I got my permit in June and have been scaring my parents (especially my mom) by driving around a lot. I have also been doing a lot of things with my friends including going to 2 concerts, including Endfest and Lifehouse and Michelle Branch in concert, and on Saturday I’m going to Jingle Ball. We also went snowboarding last Sunday and had a blast; we plan to go up to the mountains many more times this season. I’m also still in karate and having fun with it. I’m now a sophomore at Davis Senior High School, and have a busy schedule with Intro Analysis (pre-calculus), P. E., Honors Chemistry, Spanish 3, Modern World Civilizations, and English. I don’t have that much homework, but my chemistry class is pretty hard. My favorite classes are P. E. and English because I have lots of friends in these classes and my teachers are really nice. Recently, my friends and I have been into music and movies a lot. My favorite groups are U2, Lifehouse, Savage Garden, Vertical Horizon, Travis, and The Calling. My favorite movies include: The Matrix, Pearl Harbor and Harry Potter. Also, I’ve recently gotten a job at the Farmers Market in Davis where I sell pastries for Davis Bread and Desserts and I baby-sit often. I’ve had a great year, although I’m looking forward to winter break so I can relax and sleep. I hope that everyone has a great winter and end of the year!

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Love Jill.

Jill’s school photo