Jill 2002

I am now a junior in High School. I have stopped going to karate, and now I am on the Davis High School snowboard team. I haven’t actually gone snowboarding with the team yet, but it should be lots of fun. I am taking English, U. S. history, health, Zoology and Botany, Calculus and I help out with the DHS band. Most of my classes are OK, except health that I really don’t like. History is probably my favorite subject because I have a teacher who makes it interesting and explains the significance of events well. I am also starting to look at colleges and to take tests like the SAT’s. I now have my license and can legally drive my friends, without a parent in the car. For fun, I watch movies, go shopping, and hang out with my friends. I also like to listen to music, and go to concerts as often as possible. Last summer, I had a job as a swim instructor aid, which was a good learning experience. The highlight of the summer was our family vacation to NYC and Maine. Otherwise this last year has been fairly busy with school, my various jobs, and hanging out with my friends.

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Love Jill.

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