Jill 2006

My junior year is going very well. I just started to take upper division classes, which are much more interesting than the classes I had to take freshman and sophomore years. Last quarter, I took classes on environmental law, environmental ethics, world agriculture and legal writing. Also, last summer I took introduction to economics at UC Berkeley. Living in Berkeley was definitely an experience, but I liked being close to home and San Francisco.

This year I also moved into a different apartment with a few friends from my Fraternity. We live in Santa Barbara in a little three-bedroom condo, which is a huge improvement over living in Isla Vista. Unfortunately I have to drive to school; however, we are conveniently located near In-N-Out. (I haven’t eaten there yet though.)

Around classes, I work at a little law office in Goleta where I mostly type up documents for my boss (Bob) and do secretarial work. Bob keeps me busy but I really enjoy working in the office and hearing various stories about his golfing trips.

My main activity this year has been my Pre-Law Fraternity (ΦΑΔ). I am Secretary again and we have been very busy with our fall rush. Fortunately, we now have a decent number of members and are a fun bunch. Unfortunately, because all members are aspiring lawyers, everyone always has an opinion, which causes our meetings to take forever. Otherwise, I spend my time having dinner with friends, watching movies with friends, playing football with friends and fit in studying in my spare time.

I hope everyone is also having a wonderful year and happy holidays.