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Danelectro Viscount

I've restored a Danelectro Viscount amp. It was built in 1957, and sold then for $110 (that's about $831 in 2007 dollars). Here's the catalog page for this: Danolectro 1957 catalog page. I also mapped out the circuit, as I could find no schematic for it. The circuit is a bit unusual in that it uses a triode-connected pentode for the first stage and another pentode for the tremolo. The tremolo is quite lush. Danelectro Schematic.


Top view of hotbox build

Completed! Case is 8″ by 6″, 2.75″ deep at back, with sloping front. Has true bypass. Green light lit when not bypassed, red light lit when set to “dirty”. It has a hum. I'll have to debug that, but it's usable now. Most of the hum stays even in true bypass, so I suspect it is the wiring around the 3PDT switches (12 VAC used for lamps).


This is an Oahu Amp, 1941 (probably). There aren’t any date codes on the amp, as that didn’t really start until WW II. The circuit has a 6N7G dual triode for the first stage: one triode for each input, 6C5G triode for the second stage, then a 6N6G internally coupled triode and power triode. The 6N6G has a resistor in it to provide the grid bias for the power stage. A 5Y3G tube acts as rectifier.

Scandinavia Slide Show

Recently, Beth, Cody, Jill and I went to Scandinavia (mainly Norway) with my brother and his wife. Attached are a few of the pictures we took. Among us, we took over 2500 pictures, so choosing a few was difficult. Hope these convey some of the feeling of the trip!

A Colophon for Drupal

I wanted to put together a colophon for my Drupal site that would show the current installation details—pulling the information from the live site rather than relying on me to remember to update it after each change. With one module, three views, and a tiny bit of PHP and JavaScript, it’s now working.

Module needed: Views System (and any dependencies not yet installed).


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