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Some basic Drupal 7 modules

I have just started working with Drupal 7. It is a great content management system but its modularity (and anarchic module development ) means that you have to browse through the many modules to find the ones suited for constructing your site. Here are a few that probably every site could use. Some of these modules are less than intuitive to install (e. g., CKEditor, Superfish), so read the installation instructions carefully.

Logging router events on an Ubuntu server, and checking with Logwatch

Getting all the pieces working was complicated. There are four different things to set up:

  1. The router needs to forward the log to the syslog server — this is router-dependent so not described here
  2. The Linux server needs to accept the logs
  3. Logwatch needs to know what to do with the logs
  4. Logrotate needs to know what to do

Accepting the logs

Taming SAMBA

Optimizing Samba for Windows clients

It took me a while to figure this out. Hopefully this can help others

The following changes to smb.conf:


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