Cody 2003

Cody 2003


I am in eighth grade and still go to Emerson. I am having a very hard year. Some of my classes are American Studies (English and History combined), Algebra, Spanish and Band. My favorite class would either be American Studies or Algebra. My Algebra teacher is really nice but Algebra is boring. American Studies is fun but the teacher has mood swings.

I am still playing guitar and sax, and I am hoping to get a new guitar soon. My pet-sitting job has grown and I will be busy over the Winter break taking care of animals. I am not doing any sports right now but after school I like to hang out with my friends. Weekends I like to jam with my garage band.

I like watching TV: The Simple Life, Alias, Malcolm in the Middle, 10-8, 24 and sometimes Kings basketball. I like listening to Classic Rock such as AC/DC and New Rock such as Green Day.

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