Jill 2003

Jill 2003

I have had a fun and very busy year. The second half of my academically challenging junior year, I was busy with snowboard team, various trips, and schoolwork. Snowboard team was one of the highlights of the year. I was on the varsity girls’ team with one of my best friends Megan. We went snowboarding as often as twice a week, which although tiring, was well worth it. The laid-back attitude of the coach and team members made the races a time where we bonded and supported each other in a friendly non-competitive atmosphere. The best part about snowboard team was state championships at Mammoth Mountain. Megan qualified and I was lucky enough to be the alternate. We had a great four days and I can’t wait to go back, even though we aren’t on the team this year.

Last year, I was also lucky enough to take two school field trips. I went with my biology class to Catalina Island, where we went snorkeling with wet suits and took various hikes. I also went to San Diego with the Band class that I TA for. My birthday fell on this trip, so to surprise me, my friends printed up fliers with funny pictures of me, which they distributed without my knowledge. Both of these trips were lots of fun and made the end of the year just that much better.

Over the summer I mostly hung out with my friends, saw movies and worked. My summer job was Snack Bar/Cashier at the city pools. Although the pay was somewhat lower than other jobs, the staff was all high school/college age people who were friendly and fun to hang out with. Also, over the summer I went with my Dad and friend Jaynie to visit colleges, and to Missouri with my mom and brother.

Currently, I am almost halfway through my senior year. I have been very busy applying to colleges and writing college essays. I applied to: UCSB, UCD, UCLA, UCSC, UCSD, University of Oregon, and Stanford. I still haven’t decided where I want to go; however, I am going to wait until I get acceptance letters to decide. This year, although extremely busy, is my best year yet and I am excited to figure out what I will be doing next year.

Love Jill.